Consultancy Two

As part of a consortium led by RedQuadrant, we provide services on lots 4 ‘human resources’, 5 ‘health and community’, and 8 ‘information and communication technology, and digital’. This is formally known as Management Consultancy Framework RM3745.

The RedQuadrant consortium consists of the Public Service Transformation Academy, Whitehall & Industry Group, Skills for Care, NCVO, Lifethrive Limited, Fractal, Citizens Online, Catalyze, Browne Jacobson LLP, Breaking Blue Research, Basis, Arrk, Aldaba, Adaptus Consulting LLP, and Quadrant Resourcing.

Our services are available from 21 November 2017 on the following lots:

Lot 4: Human resources

Advice on human resources for the management, implementation and client side delivery of human resources policies and programmes. This includes consultancy on role design, organisational strategy, change and development of people policies, strategies and objectives to support new structures.

Lot 5: Health and community

• Social and public health policy
• Housing needs, supply, funding and support
• Hospital management
• Primary care
• Learning disabilities and related conditions
• Charity and Third Sector Organisations (TSOs)
• Mental Health
• Judicial and community support
• Policing and security
• Substance misuse and addiction
• Alternative Delivery Model
• Capital Asset Strategy

Lot 8: Information and communication technology, and digital

Advice, and information and communication technology expertise for the development of strategy, pre design solutions and assurance of implementation for business improvement projects to assure delivery. This includes but not exhaustively information and communication technology health checks, strategy development, requirements specification, system design and implementation to a controlled steady state, underpinned by the following standards: ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 27001 Information Assurance processes.

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