Early intervention starts here

Prevention, then early intervention, then remedial action, then treatment, but what does this really look like in children’s services? Our report for Nottinghamshire helps understand the types of needs, and strengths of family service users. This is where early intervention takes place: it is a step below social care, which includes children in need, and looked after children. Read more

Measuring health vulnerabilities

Our report for the Children’s Commissioner looks into 200 estimates relevant to physical and mental health. The focus is on England in the most recent year available in the information sources. Read more

Show me the money

In partnership with Dartington Social Research Unit, we have published full unit cost estimates of Realising Ambition, a programme that supports vulnerable young people. Read more

EU Society for Prevention Research

Dr Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, Director of Aldaba, will be presenting a paper at a conference in Berlin on 1 November. He will share lessons learned from evaluations of preventative interventions in the UK. Conference programme

Children’s services

Our new report on spending and delivery by children’s services is out. It includes estimates of spending per head, and examples of how local councils adapted to changes over the last Parliament. Read our report Read more

What is the cost?

Central government, local authorities, and other public sector organisations need to know their unit costs.

In partnership with Dartington Social Research Unit, we are developing a software tool to estimate the unit costs of core services, programmes and projects in line with the Green Book. Read more

US Society for Prevention Research

Dr Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, Director of Aldaba, and Dr Tim Hobbs, from the Dartington Social Research Unit, will be presenting on the unit costs of interventions for vulnerable children at a conference in Washington DC on 28 May. This is as part of Big Lottery Fund’s Realising Ambition programme.

The conference

Realising Ambition

New Family Nurse Partnerships report

Working with the Social Research Unit, Aldaba examined the economic case for Family Nurse Partnership. The funding for this programme for young mums is moving from the NHS to local authorities. Read our report