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Department for Education

Dr Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, Director of Aldaba, is part of the Department for Education’s Analytical Associate Pool from 2014 to 2021. The aim is to contribute to the Department’s work on quantitative research, evaluation and evidence reviews.

EUSPR Conference

We will do a presentation at the European Society for Prevention Research conference which this year is about the economics of prevention. Our presentation will be about the cost-benefit analysis we are doing as part of the evaluation of Prevention Matters, a programme for vulnerable adults sponsored by Buckinghamshire County Council. Read more

Why a new consultancy company?

Officially launched today, Aldaba is proud to join the consultancy industry in the UK. We are a small team that focuses on public services.

Putting together the words ‘consultancy’, ‘small’ and ‘public services’ begs a question: why? This is particularly the case considering we are at the end of an era when Government has frequently trumpeted the millions of pounds it has saved on consultancy. Read more