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Employment hurts

Everyone has a job in this country! Is this good news for the taxpayer? Well, not necessarily. Read more

Spend meets Cost

Cost is what it actually takes to get someone on track. Spend is what public services give to someone just because they do not have more. In this blog, I make the point that we know little about actual costs. Read more

Early intervention starts here

Prevention, then early intervention, then remedial action, then treatment, but what does this really look like in children’s services? Our report for Nottinghamshire helps understand the types of needs, and strengths of family service users. This is where early intervention takes place: it is a step below social care, which includes children in need, and looked after children. Read more

Measuring health vulnerabilities

Our report for the Children’s Commissioner looks into 200 estimates relevant to physical and mental health. The focus is on England in the most recent year available in the information sources. Read more

What prevention takes

I think people do not stop to do the maths when they say prevention is cheap. It does hit taxpayers quite hard.

The train of taxpayer funded care carries over one million children. Imagine it only stops once a year. In 2016, over 600,000 new passengers jumped on it. Many others stayed on from previous stops. Read more

Oh my cost!

In this blog, I explain why planning public services is difficult, and argue that spending information is more accurate than many think. Read more

Show me the money

In partnership with Dartington Social Research Unit, we have published full unit cost estimates of Realising Ambition, a programme that supports vulnerable young people. Read more

Lessons learned on prevention

Over the last two years my team has looked into more than 30 preventative services for children, young people, and adults in the UK. Here are five lessons we have learned. Read more

EU Society for Prevention Research

Dr Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, Director of Aldaba, will be presenting a paper at a conference in Berlin on 1 November. He will share lessons learned from evaluations of preventative interventions in the UK. Conference programme